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Portable Band Sawmill Insurance for Owners

Portable Band Sawmills - Edgers - Planers - Re-Saws

Don’t Assume You’re Covered

Most portable sawmill owners believe that their home and auto insurance covers their mill. This is rarely the case. In the past, insurance for band sawmills was often confusing and hard to find. As the leading insurer in the field, Margeson & Associates in conjunction with The Stanley McDonald Insurance Agency, has simplified the process and can design a program that specifically fits your needs. Remember, if you're financing your mill, banks will require proof of insurance and we have an affordable and convenient solution.

For the business owner, by having property and liability insurance you can now conduct business on properties other than your own and increase your earnings potential. Many mill owners are concerned about their personal liability when operating their mill and for that reason are requesting insurance coverage to protect their assets. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what we can do for you.

  • Coverage in All 50 States
  • Protect your Personal Assets
  • Required by Banks
  • Coverage by A+ Rated Company

Stanley McDonald and Margeson & Associates, working with the Tudor Insurance Company have created a unique portable band sawmill insurance program specifically for you. This program offers both property and liability coverage for not only your band sawmill but also you’re supporting equipment.

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